anna patterson

Hometown: Aspen, CO

Education: BA in Visual Arts, Colby College, ME

Anna moved to Bozeman in 2005 with one foot in film production and the other in freelance graphic design. She eventually jumped with both feet into her role as mama to two adventurous girls, a cat, a dog and now, feeling mastery with the aforementioned duties, the cutest puppy ever to grace Grainhouse Art.

Artist Statement:

From an early age, I had the desire to use paint as the medium to express my passion for the landscapes around me.  Having grown up in the mountains of Colorado and spending time in Maine, South Carolina and Southern California, these incredibly varied but special landscapes influenced and deepened my love of the light, the color and the textures of these places.  It wasn't until after an early study of printmaking and a subsequent career in graphic design, did I escape the confines of the hard lines and digital perspectives to explore the luscious world of paint and finally put to canvas my passion for the landscapes around me.